I swear I’m not dead. There’s been a lot of drama and I’ve been so incredibly drained that I haven’t gotten around to doing -anything-. O_o To put it bluntly, I’m exhausted. I’ve lost interest in most things I previously enjoyed, which can probably be attributed to depression. All my upcoming fanlistings are on the troubles list because I just haven’t had it in me, and I used to enjoy that so much! I really hope I can gradually get back to “normal” somehow.

Oh, Dad got a doggo. Her name’s Lucy and she’s a Boxer/somethingorother mix. Some jerk left her out in the cold 🙁  After which, she had a litter of EIGHT PUPPIES (!!!) at the animal shelter, like…three days before dad picked her out. I’m definitely a cat person, but I do like her! It’s just weird having another dog around (don’t know if I mentioned, but Dad’s 13 year old dog died last summer)

I’ve gotten my first subscription crate. I decided to let myself get three of Doki Doki crate  and then switch to another. Perhaps Umai Crate? I do love me some noodles…

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