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“Meet the Blogger” Questionnaire

Found this and thought I’d do it.


Name: Carla

Age: 32

Gender: Female

A Selfie

Not sure I’m comfortable with that right now.


Food: I’m super picky. I almost always have to specify things I don’t want on or in my food when I go out. As for what I do like, extra cheesy pizza, rare steak, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, calamari, fried clam strips, chicken, spaghetti, my own cheesy potatoes recipe which I may post at some point….yeah, I love potatoes.

Drink: Pepsi Max (Zero Sugar), Code Red, Orange Juice, Vitamin Water, Snapple, Half n Half (Arnold Palmer)

Book: The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, other than that I mainly read anthologies and compilations of my favorite authors; Lovecraft, Jules Verne, Poe, Clive Barker and so on.

Song: Gosh. That’s hard, but I’ll try. Brace yourself, it might be long.

Omnis Mundi Creatura by the Helium Vola (Darkwave, Neoclassical)

Control by The Machine in the Garden (Darkwave)

The Druid’s Mountain by Deanta (Celtic)

Ostia (The Death of Pasolini) by Coil (Experimental Industrial somethingorother, general awesomeness)

La Femme d’Argent & Cherry Blossom Girl by AIR (Electronic, Chill)

The Space Between by Zero 7 (Electronic, Chill)

Just Some Kind of Groovy Mayhem by Angels in Aspic (Post-Punk, Alternative)

Scare Some Life into Me by B-Movie (New Wave, Alternative)

The Storm by Big Country (New Wave, Celtic influenced…post punk..ahhh.)

Moritvri by Rosa Crvx (Darkwave)

Celibacy & Anadin by Children on Stun (Gothic Rock)

Jonny Took Her Breath Away by Bomb Party (Post-Punk)

A Person isn’t Safe Anywhere These Days & every other song by The Chameleons (Post-Punk)

Strychnine & Black Leather Lagoon by The Cramps (R.I.P. Lux!)

Palastinalied Nach Jaufre Rudel by Corvus Corax

Unlimited Desire, Midnight Blue, Matsuri Uta, every other song ever by Megumi Hayashibara (J-Pop)

Disintegration, Lullaby, Charlotte Sometimes, A Strange Day, Burn, and so on by The Cure (Post-Punk, Alternative)

Alice, Dominion/Mother Russia, Lucretia My Reflection, Temple of Love, More by The Sisters of Mercy (Definitely NOT Gothic Rock, according to Eldritch! Haha)

Running Up That Hill, Babooshka, Wuthering Heights, The Dreaming by Kate Bush

Day of the Lords, Dead Souls by Joy Division

I’ll continue this on it’s own post O_o


Movie: The Alien series, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hellraiser 1-4, Candyman, Interview with the Vampire, Stargate, The Mummy (1999), Saw, Rosemary’s Baby, The Thing, Prince of Darkness, The Mouth of Madness, Event Horizon, Full Metal Jacket, Se7en, Halloween series, Ginger Snaps, Indiana Jones series, Aladdin, Hercules, The Emperor’s New Groove, The Great Mouse Detective, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Lion King

TV: Breaking Bad, The Blacklist, Supernatural (need to catch up on this.), Dexter, Mary Tyler Moore, NCIS, Criminal Minds, the first few seasons of CSI

Band: AIR, Joy Division, NIN, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Marilyn Manson, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Chameleons, The Cramps, New Order, The Smiths, Morrissey, Rosa Crvx, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Arcana, Helium Vola, Lacuna Coil, Mediaeval Baebes, Estampie, The Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, Corvus Corax, Megumi Hayashibara, Masami Okui, Akino Arai, BUCK-TICK, MALICE MIZER, Moi Dix Mois, Schwarz Stein, Qntal, Dead Can Dance

Solo Artist: Kate Bush

Place: Anyplace near water….the ocean or a lake, even. I feel a need to be near it.

Subject: my niche music interests, specifically Early Music. Spooky stuff, true crime, history

Sport: I enjoy watching the Olympics. Figure Skating & Gymnastics are my favorites.

Male actor: James Spader, Daniel Henney

Female actor: Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz


Schooling: Public. ‘Twas awful.

BF: Boyfriend? Best friend? What does it meaannnnn!

Political ideology: Center-right libertarian.

Religion: Working to convert to Judaism.

Tattoos: none

Piercings: Four, two in both ears. I’ve had more (lip, nose, cartilage) but they grew together.

Languages: English, a smattering of various languages, but nothing even near fluent.

Reason behind your blog’s name: There isn’t one 😀

Why you blog: I blog because I can. Having an outlet is nice.


Did I go overboard? Yes, yes I did.

Cults & Cats

I’m sitting here watching Waco: Madman or Messiah? on A&E. Super interesting stuff. A while back, I was surprised to find out that Branch Davidians still exist after that tragedy, but they do. I think there are even a couple of Heaven’s Gate believers still around. Hmm.

Otherwise, I’ve been re-organizing my massive MP3 collection. Yes, I lead a life of adventure. XD

Oscar is so weird. I don’t know if this is typical cat behavior, but he will drag out my underpants, socks, and dad’s work gloves, carry them in his mouth (it really is cute) and will then proceed to caterwaul like he’s in some kind of catnip-fueled ecstasy. O_o

Lastly, a playlist I made some time ago. 😀

I swear I’m not dead. There’s been a lot of drama and I’ve been so incredibly drained that I haven’t gotten around to doing -anything-. O_o To put it bluntly, I’m exhausted. I’ve lost interest in most things I previously enjoyed, which can probably be attributed to depression. All my upcoming fanlistings are on the troubles list because I just haven’t had it in me, and I used to enjoy that so much! I really hope I can gradually get back to “normal” somehow.

Oh, Dad got a doggo. Her name’s Lucy and she’s a Boxer/somethingorother mix. Some jerk left her out in the cold 🙁  After which, she had a litter of EIGHT PUPPIES (!!!) at the animal shelter, like…three days before dad picked her out. I’m definitely a cat person, but I do like her! It’s just weird having another dog around (don’t know if I mentioned, but Dad’s 13 year old dog died last summer)

I’ve gotten my first subscription crate. I decided to let myself get three of Doki Doki crate  and then switch to another. Perhaps Umai Crate? I do love me some noodles…


Moving day begins.

Kill me.

Perhaps it’s time I actually posted something

Alright, I haven’t blogged regularly in well over a decade, so I’m gonna have to get back into the swing of things and actually find things to write about.

I’m moving Saturday. I’m not particularly happy about it, nor am I all packed up. I had no say in where or when we moved (note: I’m disabled and live at home with both parents.) and well, it sucks. I felt left out of the whole process. Eff me, right? I don’t have a reason to stay in this town. I had really high hopes of finally getting out this time but I’m moving less than a mile away. Again. Sigh.

Yes, I’m a ray of sunshine. XD

Otherwise, I’ve given my fanlisting collective a new layout.