Welcome to v1.0 of the SIMULACRUM, an archive of the icons I, Riho, have made since about 2002. Many of my icons have been lost to computer crashes and the sands of time. There are some I'm still trying to find!

Credit is VERY much appreciated. My LJ username is naraku, and my Dreamwidth is ramen. You can also link to this site.

July 27th, 2017: Please visit my first affiliate, Lucien who is super talented with graphics! Additionally, added one old Ninja Scroll icon I found.

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Layout: The image used in this layout features Usagi Tsukino (Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon) and is illustrated by Yun Kouga.

Script used: Iconsort

Resources used: Most of these icons are many, many years old and I have since lost my resource list. I will try to link some of the places I remember downloading from (mostly on Livejournal) later.

Disclaimer: I suck at disclaimers. This site is merely a fan effort, and makes no profit. Please do not sue me. :D